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meditation coach

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I am a qualified meditation teacher, event organiser and cryptocurrency educator from the United Kingdom. I have many passions in life, so I am really excited to launch my new website and finally have a wonderful platform to share some of these with the world. If you would like to read my story, click here. 

enlighten crypto

cryptocurrency community & investment resource portal

A unique community created to educate and empower people in the cryptocurrency space, not just the investing side; but what it means spiritually, politically and for the future of humanity.

In a world of record-high money printing and economic turmoil, now more than ever we need answers to economic conditions and to create a more fair, free and less centrally manipulated economy.

Cryptocurrency and decentralised finance help solve so many of these issues as you’ll learn in the academy. To move away from this dark, rigged and outdated system means enlightening a new one.

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Vision Boards, Inner Vision, and Imagination – 2026

Setting up my new board got me thinking about what inner vision is. Inner vision, I feel, comes from your imagination. In etymology, it is believed the word imagination originates from the words I-Magic-Nation. There is a magic nation living inside of us all, capable of creating all sorts of visions. Look at the material world we live in today; architecture, artwork, music, sports, films, and books – it is all human magic manifested into reality!

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A Call For Unity 2021

For me, what is most striking about the last 18 months is the amount of separation between those with different views on what’s going on

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